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June 2020 Re-Opening Announcements

Hey Peeps!

I hope this finds you well. In order to comply with best practices and maintain each of our health and peace of mind as much as possible, I have included some updates to the studio as well as operations of Tuned and Tranquil Massage MKE.

Below are a few Announcements:


  • new hardwood floors instead of carpet

  • less decorations & a new pretty blue wall

  • an extra office to store excess items such as linens, towels, client wellness gifts, items from the online shop, etc.

New cleaning process:

  • 3 step cleaning, disinfection & sanitation process instead of the previous single-step wipe down

  • also added an air purifier and an air ionizer

  • All clients will be asked to wash their hands prior to entering the massage studio—PLEASE BRING MINIMAL ITEMS INTO THE TREATMENT ROOM

PPE gear:

  • please come to your appointment wearing a mask

  • I will also be wearing a mask and possibly protective goggles

  • Bring hand sanitizer if you’d like or some will be provided

  • It is suggested to wear a shirt that does not get pulled over your head upon removal, like a button up or zipper down

  • I am still waiting on some products to be delivered so I apologize for the delayed re-opening


  • Each client will be required to do a digital COVID-19 SCREENING prior to arriving which will be attached to your online intake forms and appointment reminders

  • I will also be doing COVID-19 waiver forms & forehead temperature screenings upon arrival

  • Please fill out the intake form (sent via email) prior to EACH appointment to minimize chatter during the session to just assessment questions


  • WED, THUR, FRI: 11AM-7PM




  • Cancellations for any other reason are a $30 fee

I highly recommend catering to your immune system. Some of my favorite ways to boost and maintain a healthy immune system include (I've also attached some examples to each one)-----

Changes will continuously be made during this ever-changing time. Please check the website for further updates:

DISCLAIMER: Massage therapy in itself is a close contact activity. Try as we might, there are no guarantees. If you are considered high-risk, please contact your physician for advisement. If any of this makes you uncomfortable, there is no shame in just staying home.

I look forward to re-opening and can’t wait to see each of you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions. I appreciate your understanding, flexibility and patience!

Be well,

Amber Mercedes Ponticelli, LMT


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